We begin this week by celebrating the birth of a Rolling Stone called Mick, but not that one. Mick Taylor, a Stone from 1969 to 1974, here in one of their last TOTP studio appearances before they became too busy/big for the show, then too low charting.

17th January is a birthday for not 1, not 2, but 3 1980s stars. Paul Young (1956) being introduced here by Simon Le Bon.

Meanwhile, three years later (or, 1959) saw the birth of Susanna Hoffs. As a treat, here’s The Bangles performing Eternal Flame in 2001, shortly after Atomic Kitten took a cover of it to Number 1.

And finally, in 1964, Andy Rourke. You know, one of the two in The Smiths that wasn’t Johnny Marr or Morrissey.

Onto more recent times, Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs (and, um, The Voice) turns 36 this week.

While Calvin Harris turns 31 this week.

It’s a busy week for birthdays, with Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins turning 60. Here’s Mike Read introducing them by playing Harmonica.

Sir John Mills grandson is 41 this week. You may know him better as the singer from Kula Shaker.

Meanwhile, here’s Hard-Fi living for the weekend in 2005

Meanwhile, Robert Palmer would have been eligible for a bus pass this week if he was still alive. Here’s a random find of him performing with The Power Station, introduced by Harry Hill.

Nicky Wire from the Manics is 45 this week. Here they are performing Everything Must Go. Is it me, or does the drum loop slightly rip off Be My Baby?

The birthdays keep coming, Gary Barlow (1971) and Emma Bunton (1976)

Now to some would be birthdays, first Malcolm McLaren

And Michael Hutchence, who would have been 52 this week.

Sporting some dodgy gym gear in 1987

Performing ‘Taste It’

And finally, being introduced by his ex, Kylie Minogue in 1997, the year he later died.

Almost near the end of this week’s Birthday Bonanza, one last one, Andrew Roachford, or just plain Roachford.

Though, you can’t hear ‘Cuddly Toy’ without thinking about this.

And finally, we end on a sad note, as this week saw the 18th anniversary of the death of the London Boys. This song, is just fantastic.


We’re back in 1999 for a magazine cover that could only come from 1999, featuring 5ive, who are looking for a girlfriend.

Scott from 5ive makes his debut as a columnist for the magazine, stating that he doesn’t want Britain to join the Euro, Essex should be the UK’s capital and that there should be more Pizza Hut’s built

Tipped for big things in that month’s edition : Emmie, Dot Allison, Loop Da Loop, Goo Goo Dolls, N*Sync and Take 5.

Billie Piper gets a double page spread interviewing Cher. Ironically, Billie Piper’s first public appearance was starring in an advert for Smash Hits.

In the “Songwords” section, ‘We Like To Party’ by Vengaboys was featured. Yes, the song where they go “We like to party, we like, we like to party” on a continuous loop.

Ultra (I don’t remember them either) dress up as Duran Duran in the ‘Planet Earth’ video.

A cast list of male pop stars queue up to tell what they would do to woo Emma ‘Baby Spice’ Bunton. H from Steps would write her a love song, while Aaron Carter would protect her so she doesn’t get hurt.

There is a page dedicated to an unknown up and coming singer called Britney Spears. Not sure what happened to her.

Billie Piper is the guest singles review. She says Britney Spears has a nice voice and that Steps are lovely. She bins Kula Shaker’s single and gives a 5* review to her boyfriend Kavana.

In the chart profiles, J from 5ive revelas that Braveheart is his favourite film, Claire from Steps likes to relax in her bedroom and Brian Harvey’s favourite dinner is Roast Beef.