Spotted some new (to me) Street Art in Belfast recently, so went out with the camera to get some photos.

There is a new Anco piece on the shutters of Kik Fit on Ormeau Road, currently closed for renovations.

While going through Ormeau Park, I spotted another Anco piece on a hut, so got some photos of that.

Got to my final destination of East Belfast, for the car park facing Arches Library. As it was a Sunday, and not much traffic, I took the opportunity to get a picture of a piece titles ‘Graff Busters’ depicting Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters zapping Slimer.

The shots aren’t great as there wasn’t much natural light to work with. I’m hoping to return later and try and get some better photos.

Finally, I headed up to the start of the Comber Greenway, as the tunnel part of it usually has some pieces, and got some pics of a piece by Fak.


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