Kaiser Chiefs, enjoying an unlikely renaissance in 2014, mainly due to Ricky Wilson’s appearances on The Voice, rolled into Belfast for a gig at Falls Park.

Support came from a local band called Go Swim. They were rather excellent, even managing to do a superb cover version of “What Is Love?” by Haddaway.

My only previous time seeing Kaiser Chiefs in Belfast, came at The Odyssey in 2009. It was a much bigger show, with a massive stage going into the middle of the arena, so it was interesting to see how a tent in a park would work.

Ricky Wilson danced as he entered the stage, he was in the mood to party, jumping around on stage, and at one point, even jumping into the crowd, and speaking in character (not sure what) when introducing some songs, and declaring himself to be an “applause junkie” and urging the crowd to give him more hits.

Hits, was the order of the day, but the setlist was a mixture of classic hits and new material from their current album “Education, Education, Education & War”, which Wilson, the salesman, reminded fans, they can now buy.

A forgotten classic which got played was “Modern Way”, dedicated to a tweeter called Kevin, who tweeted them to say the single was the first CD he bought, and Ricky Wilson detailing the various levels of excitement that the tweet gave the members of the band (Peanut was the most excited)

The crowd sang along to most of the songs, knowing every word, hits such as “Never Miss A Beat”, “Ruby” and “Everything Is Average Nowadays”

“I Predict A Riot” was kept to near the end.

The band left the stage to cries of “One More Tune”, which they delivered, well, more than one tune.

At the start of their encore, they teased fans with possible cover songs, performing pieces of songs such as “End Of The Road” by Boyz II Men, and “Respectable” by Mel and Kim. The version of “Respectable” was superb, pity it didn’t last that long.

The encore featured “Misery Company” before ending with their first big hit, “Oh My God”

During the show, Ricky Wilson spoke of his love of Belfast, asking, “Can I call you ‘The Belf’?”

Nobody seemed to object.

A few days after the show, Kaiser Chiefs announced a UK tour in early 2015. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a visit to “The Belf”

Photo Album

Kaiser Chiefs Live At The Odyssey 2009

Kaiser Chiefs Live At The Odyssey 2009 Photo Album


Having seen Blur three days earlier, it was now the turn of The Charlatans for what seems like a month of 90s bands concerts (Suede and James to come later in the month)

I love The Charlatans and had never seen them before, so this was a no brainer as soon as it was announced.

The venue, was a tent situated in Falls Park, and easy to get to once you access the park.

Support, came from a local band called Echo Raptors. So 90s influenced were they, they could almost be peers of Happy Mondays and The Charlatans. Their singer even looked like John Power.

For all that, they were actually quite good and well worth checking out. The crowd certainly enjoyed them, though I got the impression they were friends and family. Hopefully, their fanbase will grow to a bit more.

The Charlatans then came on, to a lot of people’s surprise. I, like many others, had expected Happy Mondays to be supporting The Charlatans, as opposed to the other way around.

During Echo Raptors set, and for a bit of The Charlatans set, there seemed to be problems with the bass from the speakers, though it might just have seemed that way.

The Charlatans came on, and burst straight into “Forever”, creating an anticipation with the bass and keyboard intro, building into the song.

They weren’t instantly brilliant, but the gig got better with each song, frontman Tim Burgess lapping up the adulation of the crowd, declaring that it had been too long since they were last in Belfast.

It was a hits show, pure and simple, all of them so recognisable, that the crowd knew them and were singing along in seconds without Burgess singing a note.

The only downside was that they didn’t play any singles from 2001 album Wonderland, featuring my favourite Charlatans song, “Love Is The Key”

I didn’t bother hanging about for Happy Mondays, as I wasn’t that fussed on them, and was only here to see The Charlatans.

I might not have seen Happy Mondays, but it was still a happy Sunday.

Echo Raptors Photo Album

The Charlatans Photo Album

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 31.5.2013

1. Icona Pop ft Charli XCX – I Love It
2. Aluna George – Attracting Flies
3. Dizzee Rascal ft Robbie Williams – Goin Crazy
4. Editors – A Ton Of Love
5. Kodaline – High Hopes

This week, it was announced that Charlatans will be performing at Falls Park as part of Feile. One of my favourite bands. So, an excuse, if it was needed, to do a Charlatans Top Five


1. Love Is The Key
2. Blackened Blue Eyes
3. Forever
4. North Country Boy
5. I Never Want An Easy Life

And finally, in other concert news, some new acts were added to the Belsonic bill. I was already excited about seeing Suede, but James being added to the bill makes me even more excited.

I saw them in Glasgow this year. They’re a band you must see live, though it will be interesting to see how their live show translates to an outdoor gig.

The other Belsonic gig which interests me is Friday 23rd August, Silhouette, Nina Nesbitt and The Courteeners. Not that fussed by Jake Bugg to be honest.

So, to get you in the mood for Belsonic, here’s a Belsonic themed chart for you.


1. James – She’s A Star
2. Suede – Trash
3. The Courteeners – What Took You Do Long?
4. Silhouette – Can’t Keep Up
5. Ben Howard – Only Love