The summer of 2006 is the focus of the latest “Magazine Archive”, as Oasis, on tour in Argentina, are the cover stars of Q, as part of a special themed “On Tour” edition, which also featured “20 Greatest Live Albums” and “50 Most Insane Tour Stories”

The magazine came with a free CD of covers from songs between 1986 and 2006, as Q geared up to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary later that year, with artists like Franz Ferdinand, Sugababes and Elbow contributing.

The spineline reads “Yo Soy El Diego”, which translates as “I am The Diego”

“Yo Soy El Diego” is the title of Diego Maradona’s autobiography. Diego Maradona makes a surreal appearance in this magazine, in the form of an article about the time he met Queen in 1981, sporting a hairstyle that is best described as “Mini Brian May”

George Galloway was the subject of that months “Cash For Questions” with the standard Galloway answers you would expect.

The monthly chart round-up was not including downloads. The Number One download was “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley.

Morrissey topp the album chart while being joined in the Top Ten by X-Factor rejects Andy Abraham and Journey South.

A double page spread is dedicated to a feature called “Rewind : Great Moments In Music” focusing on Diego Maradona meeting Queen in 1981, with Freddie Mercury weaing an Argentina top while Diego Maradona wears a Union Jack. The image of Maradona has been used on a piece of Banksy art.

The Argentina theme continues with seven pages dedicated to Oasis on tour in Argentina.

As well as the download chart, new technology also made an appearance with three pages dedicated to Podcasting, including a guide with everything you need to know about Podcasting.

Joe Cole also makes an appearance, talking about how Arctic Monkeys are his favourite band. This however, couldn’t inspire England to glory at the 2006 World Cup which was taking place at the same time.