Was over in Manchester last weekend. Primarily, for the football, which was like watching paint dry.

However, the trip was salvaged by some paint that was actually dry, Street Art in the city. For Street Art in Manchester, the first port of call is the Northern Quarter, where I spotted some new pieces, most notably on Tib Street.

Considering that my last visit to Manchester was two months ago, it was unsurprising that a lot of the stuff I photographed was still there, even taking into account the quick turnover of Street Art in some cities.

There was a work in progress piece when I arrived on Friday, which ended up being completed by the time I left on Monday.

When I was last in Manchester in November, there were street pillars being painted. I had a look at the finished pieces, which go all the way up Oldham Street, which relates to a project called 16 Days Of Street Art, where female artists paint female icons throughout history.

The last time I was in Manchester, i’d plannedo n checking out the pieces on Salford Quays, but I didn’t get the chance to do so, so I planned to do so on this visit.

On Saturday, I took a wrong turn and got lost, and was stuck for time to get back on track due to meeting friends before the match.

So, on Sunday, I decided to try again, only to discover that part of the walkway at Salford Quays is closed due to subsidence.

It seemed like I was destined not to get photos of the Street Art along Salford Quays.

Well, not quite. I remembered that the Cornbrook Metrolink served where the Street Art ends, so I had a quick change in direction and hopped on the tram.

So, that was my latest Street Art adventures in Manchester. I haven’t given up on United yet, so i’ll hopefully be back at some point in 2016 to photograph some more.

Manchester Street Art Photo Album

Salford Quays Street Art Photo Album


I was out on my bike last Saturday, and spotted some new Graffiti in East Belfast, in the alleyway at Parkgate Avenue, where I had previously got some photos in October last year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, so I headed back on the Sunday to try and get photos of it. I was thwarted by the weather, awful conditions and no natural light. I decided to wait until this weekend and try again.

In the intervening week, I headed out around South Belfast, and got some new Street Art pictures in the Botanic area. I popped into the alleyway round the back of The Globe, and there is a new piece, referencing 1980s movie Gremlins.

Went back to East Belfast today and got some photos of Parkgate Avenue. Apologies for the quality of the pictures, I was unable to get much back lift.

Also, while I was in East Belfast, I got a picture of some Street Art depicting Egon Spengler, from Ghostbusters zapping Slimer.

Photo Album


Spotted some new (to me) Street Art in Belfast recently, so went out with the camera to get some photos.

There is a new Anco piece on the shutters of Kik Fit on Ormeau Road, currently closed for renovations.

While going through Ormeau Park, I spotted another Anco piece on a hut, so got some photos of that.

Got to my final destination of East Belfast, for the car park facing Arches Library. As it was a Sunday, and not much traffic, I took the opportunity to get a picture of a piece titles ‘Graff Busters’ depicting Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters zapping Slimer.

The shots aren’t great as there wasn’t much natural light to work with. I’m hoping to return later and try and get some better photos.

Finally, I headed up to the start of the Comber Greenway, as the tunnel part of it usually has some pieces, and got some pics of a piece by Fak.


Photo Album


Was out today checking out that abandoned building I was at last week near Newforge.

Directionwise, walk past the country club, and continue to head towards the entry of the Lagan Towpath.

Instead of going forwards, take a turn to the left and check it out.

I think it might have been a school. I can’t actually back it up, but the building gives off a school vibe.

Underneath is a better photo (Still not really perfect) of Slimer.

I remember back in the day, I had a mug of Slimer (I won it in a competition) which glowed when a hot drink was in it.

So remember, if there’s something strange, in you neighbourhood, who ya gonna call?