May began with a trip to North Street to take in the Hit The North Street Art Festival, getting photos of the pieces of artwork as they were created, and then the finished artwork.

The following weekend, I treated myself to a trip to Scotland, spending most my time in Edinburgh, getting photos of Street Art (of course) and walking up Arthur’s Seat and going for a stroll in Colinton.

It would have been rude not to go to a football match, Livingston v St Johnstone being my match of choice before a day trip to Glasgow saw me get more Street Art photos and visit Cathkin Park, an abandoned football stadium.

Towards the end of the month, it was all about Friday nights, first of all winning a ticket to see Ulster v Sharks.

Then, the last Friday of the month, I went to see Queen (well, half of Queen, but it was still so good) at The Odyssey.

Hit The North

Hit The North Photo Album

Hit The North Aftermath

Edinburgh Street Art

Edinburgh Street Art Photo Album

Livingston v St Johnstone

Livingston v St Johnstone Photo Album

Glasgow Street Art

Glasgow Street Art Photo Album

Cathkin Park

Cathkin Park Photo Album

Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat Photo Album


Colinton Photo Album

Ulster v Sharks

Ulster v Sharks Photo Album

Queen + Adam Lambert live at The Odyssey

Queen + Adam Lambert live at The Odyssey Photo Album


And we’re back in the new traditional slot of May for 2022 having been moved back to the old traditional slot of September in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid, after the first year of the new traditional May slot in 2019.

I hope that makes some sort of sense.

So here we are, on the May Bank Holiday Weekend, as part of Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.

If you don’t know what Hit The North is, it’s quite simple. A load of artists paint artwork on walls in Belfast City Centre.

It used to be in North Street, hence the name, but now takes place in Kent Street and that general area. If you’re not sure where that is, it’s basically around The Sunflower Bar. I arrived just before 2pm and things were in full swing.

I decided to do a few laps of the area and walk about and see the artwork in progress. The event was sponsored by a drinks company, who I think were giving out free (very small) samples.

There was also an interactive element where people could spraypaint their own mural in an area away from the main artwork.

One of the highlights was a mural of Phil Lynott, with images behind him of the moon and a couple dancing. Dancing In The Moonlight, a hit for Thin Lizzy. Looking forward to a similar mural for Toploader.

It’s the third mural i’m aware of Lynott, with one on a electricity box in Dublin (of course) and a mural of Thin Lizzy in Bangor. As a bonus, there was an extra piece in Queen Street. I only discovered that by fluke when I was walking home.

I went back on the Tuesday lunchtime to get some snaps but I was thwarted by parked cars. So, I decided to head back on the next available Sunday morning when there would be less cars and people about, making it easier to get photos.

Unfortunately for me, that would be nearly two weeks away.

It was worth the wait, as I headed out with my camera and got lots of photos.


Hit The North 2022 Photo Album

Hit The North Aftermath 2022 Photo Album

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Hit The North 2020

Hit The North 2019

Hit The North 2018

Hit The North 2017

Hit The North 2016

Hit The North 2015

Hit The North 2014

Hit The North 2013


September began with a stroll towards Royal Avenue, or rather streets around Royal Avenue, to take in the aftermath of Hit The North, taking place in around The Sunflower. I wasn’t able to attend on the actual day of the event.

The rest of the month was football matches, Linfield’s games against Portadown, Coleraine, Glenavon and Glentoran.

Hit The North

Hit The North Photo Album

Portadown v Linfield

Linfield v Coleraine

Glenavon v Linfield

Glentoran v Linfield


September comes around quick, and that can only mean one thing, Hit The North.

And even that comes around quicker, two weeks earlier in fact, being an independent event rather than being part of Culture Night.

Usually, I would turn up at Hit The North, and get work in progress photos alongside the final pieces.

The date of the actual event – Sunday 5th September – didn’t suit me, I was unable to attend, but that didn’t stop me from going to check out the finished pieces.

Well, what pieces were finished.

My past experience of Hit The North has taught me that not everything happens on the date advertised.

Some pieces start a few days early, while others take a few days later to complete.

On the Monday night, I headed down after work on my bike to check things, and a sweet themed mural at the side of a retro style sweet shop.

That trip on Monday night was just a dry run, to see where everything is before going out on my photo adventure.

The next opportunity I would have would be on Friday night. I was on foot this time. I wanted to see the finished pieces.

I left my camera behind as I assumed the place would be rammed as it was a Friday teatime and there are a lot of pubs.

That would not be the case. In fact, that were parked cars rather than people that were foiling me, blocking the best views and meaning I would have to adjust my shooting angles.

Eventually, I headed out with my camera on Saturday morning. Up early, partly because I would be heading to Portadown later in the day, but also to avoid people and have the place to myself.

The weather was ok. Not the brightness I was hoping for, but enough I could work with.

Amongst the murals being photographed was a tribute to Lee Perry, who had recently died.

Ironically, none of the new pieces were on North Street, but in Kent Street and Little Donegal Street.

If you want it simplified, basically, around The Sunflower.

Additionally, there were a few pieces on High Street, beside Lidl.

I went back on Sunday morning again, just to check if there was anything missed, and to try a few different angles, but most of the photos are from Saturday.

I’ll be back in that end of town on Friday for Culture Night. I’m heading over to see what it’s like, but if it’s an absolute shitshow, i’ll just go home and give it a miss.

At some point over the next few months, i’ll probably be using up excess Annual Leave.

When I am, i’ll spend one of those days doing a day trip to Derry as I haven’t been there since 2019.

My plan was that I would go one Saturday a year during pre-season, but you know, Covid.

My Street Art Senses will be on, just as they were on my last visits in 2015 and 2019, especially as they have just held a Street Art Festival, featured on Belfast Live and UTV Live.

Photo Album

Hit The North 2020

Hit The North 2019

Hit The North 2018

Hit The North 2017

Hit The North 2016

Hit The North 2015

Hit The North 2014

Hit The North 2013

Hit The North 2012


Coronavirus isn’t going to stop Street Art being painted in Belfast. It might delay it though.

Hit The North, having recently moved from it’s traditional September slot as part of Culture Night, moved to the first May Bank Holiday Weekend last year. Before they had a chance to settle into their new date, Coronavirus saw it get cancelled, before they were able to slot in a smaller scale event in September, taking place seven days ago on 20th September.

Part of the May event was a Lisburn event leading into it on the Thursday night before. Unfortunately, that did bite the dust.

If you don’t know, Hit The North is a Street Art event where new pieces get painted in the Northern End of Belfast City Centre.

This year’s location was Kent Street and Union Street. Or to put it in simpler terms, near The Sunflower.

As it was near Stephen Street, where a mural of Catwoman and Joker was painted last year, I took an opportunity to have a look. Sadly, it has since been defaced.

The event started at 12pm, and I arrived there at around 12.30pm, having a look about and snapping pictures every ten to fifteen minutes to chart the progress.

As it was a much smaller event, there were no sneaky starters. In previous years, due to the size of the artwork and time needed, some artists would start a few days in advance.

There was a decent sized crowd during the day but very little concerns regarding Social Distancing as people were keeping their distance. It did help that the streets hosting the event were pedestrianised for the day.

Another plus was the weather, dry throughout, which helped make the day a more enjoyable experience.

Amongst the Artists on display included KVLR, Holly Pereira, Danni Simpson, Glen Molloy and Friz.

Holly Pereira incidentally, turned up in advance to paint the entry that leads from the back of Guiney’s.

It was interesting, but not surprising, to note that the mural of Lyra McKee painted as part of last year’s event was untouched.

I left just after 4pm on the Sunday, but returned on the Monday night after work to have a look, and there was already a crowd of people getting photos.

With brighter weather and more daylight to work with on Wednesday, I returned to get some photos when out for my lunch. I had to be quick though due to not having a lot of time to work with.

While I was there, there was someone else getting photos ….. of their dog in front of the artwork.

To be honest, Dogs In Front Of Murals sounds very Tumblr.

With more time on my hands after work and daylight until 6.30pm, I cycled over on the Wednesday teatime to get more photos as the ones at lunchtime were rushed. Again, there were people turning up to get photos and admire them.

There were media outlets coming out to cover Hit The North and it’s aftermath, such as Belfast Telegraph and Radio Ulster.

A lot of events in Belfast are doubtful, even for 2021, because this city is too stupid to not spread a virus. I’m actually considering staging a coup at Belfast City Hall and putting myself in charge. Thankfully, this event looks safe.

Whatever the situation regarding Coronavirus in 2021 and beyond, at least Belfast has it’s Street Art, the only decent thing about the city. Might be worth someone painting a mural which simply says “WALK ON THE LEFT YOU IDIOTS”.

Sunday 20th September Photo Album

Aftermath Photo Album

Hit The North 2019

Hit The North 2018

Hit The North 2017

Hit The North 2016

Hit The North 2015

Hit The North 2014

Hit The North 2013

Hit The North 2012


May 2019 began with a busy Bank Holiday Weekend, starting off by going to see Echo and the Bunnymen at Custom House Square, Ulster v Connacht at Ravenhill, and then checking out Street Art as part of Hit The North.

The following weekend, I headed to Manchester to see United take on Cardiff City. The less said about that match the better.

On the plus side, I did manage to get some Street Art photos from the city.

That was it. The first two weekends of the month were busy, the second two not so much.

Echo and the Bunnymen live at Custom House Square

Echo and the Bunnymen live at Custom House Square Photo Album

Ulster v Connacht

Ulster v Connacht Photo Album

Hit The North

Hit The North Photo Album – Sunday 5th May 2019

Hit The North Photo Album – Monday 7th May 2019

Hit The North Photo Album – Aftermath

Manchester Street Art

Manchester Street Art Photo Album

Manchester United v Cardiff City

Manchester United v Cardiff City Photo Album

Salford Quays Street Art

Salford Quays Street Art Photo Album


Is it September already?

The calendar says May, but the weather feels like mid Winter, so it’s a bit confusing.

There is further confusion by the fact that the Northern part of Belfast City Centre recently getting a makeover with some new Street Art, as part of Hit The North, an event which usually takes place in September, as part of Culture Night, but has been brought forward a few months this year to be part of Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival.

No reason was given for the switch, but the event page on Facebook states that it was going to be a smaller event in 2019.

The smaller nature of the event meant that it wouldn’t be taking part in North Street, with Kent Street (Walk towards The Sunflower and you can’t miss it) being the main location for Street Art, although the shutters of Dawson’s in Royal Avenue had a piece drawn on it.

This event was scheduled for Sunday and Monday over the Bank Holiday Weekend, but my past experience of it has seen some artists start a bit earlier to get their work done so I had a week check on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the week before, but there was nothing there, they would all be starting on the Sunday.

I would also be there on the Sunday, but first I would be heading to Bangor on the Sunday morning for Bangor Flea Market, but I would also be sneaking in some Street Art photos while in Bangor.

First up, was a mural by Friz near the marina to promote Snow Patrol’s upcoming concert at Ward Park.

There was also some painted art on abandoned buildings which I snapped. You can see a photo album here.

If you’re interested, the Johnny Rotten mural from last year is still there.

The plan was to go from there into Belfast City Centre in time for the 2pm start, but my route into the city was closed off because of Belfast Marathon, meaning I had to go home instead and walk into the City Centre instead, arriving at around 3.45pm when I would have been there an hour earlier if the roads weren’t closed.

Was I naïve by thinking it would be all over by 2pm? What sort of stupid city is closed at 2pm because of a Marathon?

It’s bad enough having to put up with Runners behaviour on the Lagan Towpath, now they are stopping me from seeing Street Art.

What’s the difference between a Jogger and a Dog? One is a dumb creature that runs about aimlessly without looking where it’s going and doesn’t care if it runs into people. The other is a dog.

When I arrived, I headed straight for Kent Street to observe what was being painted, leaving just before 5pm.

On Monday, I returned to Kent Street to see the finished pieces, although there were still some pieces being worked on.

I got a bit of a surprise as it hadn’t really started when I left on the Sunday, to see a mural of Lyra McKee, though it wasn’t finished as some more was added to the piece after I left.

Of course, being a Bank Holiday, it was pissing down with rain, so I didn’t stay in Belfast City Centre for long.

As well as pieces on Kent Street, there was also the first of what will be a series of utility boxes being painted as part of a project to emulate Dublin Canvas.

Something similar was attempted in Belfast a decade ago, such as this piece in Royal Avenue.

The weather on Tuesday and Wednesday wasn’t great for photos, so I left it, but did stumble upon some of the utility boxes that had been painted.

Helpfully, Seedhead Arts posted a map in the event page for anybody looking to find one of these.

By Thursday, the weather had improved and I was armed with a list of locations of utility boxes, so I went out and got some photos of them as well as the finished pieces on Kent Street.

If you’re interested, locations with painted utility boxes are:

Ann Street
Castle Lane
Church Street
High Street
North Street
Royal Avenue
Talbot Street

In my recent Echo and the Bunnymen post, I forgot to mention that I was going to see Kieran Hodgson on Tuesday night, and he was very funny.

I had planned to see him in Edinburgh last year but I couldn’t get a ticket, so I was glad he came to Belfast.

That was me for Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival for this year, looking forward to see what it will offer me next year. If Hit The North is on it, i’ll be out and about snapping it.

Sunday 5th May Photo Album

Monday 6th May Photo Album

Hit The North Aftermath Photo Album


September 2018 began for me with a trip to Windsor Park to see Linfield take on Ards on the first day of the month, for a match that finished 0-0.

The following day, I headed out on bike to check out the latest scribbles on the Belfast Peace Wall.

On the third day of the month, yes, three successive days of photo adventures, I headed to The Limelight to see The Kooks in concert.

The following weekend, it was a football double header, taking in Linfield’s trip to Warrenpoint Town, and then Northern Ireland’s first ever UEFA Nations League match, at home to Bosnia-Herzegovina.

There was more football, taking in Linfield’s matches against Dungannon Swifts and Coleraine.

Sandwiched inbetween that was a trip to The Palm House to see Kyle Falconer in concert, and then Belfast Culture Night.

In the aftermath of Culture Night, I was out getting photos of new Street Art which appeared in Belfast, as part of Hit The North.

The month ended with me taking in Linfield’s home match with Ballymena United.

Linfield v Ards

Belfast Peace Wall Art

Belfast Peace Wall Art Photo Album

The Kooks live at The Limelight

The Kooks live at The Limelight Photo Album

Warrenpoint Town v Linfield

Northern Ireland v Bosnia-Herzegovina

Northern Ireland v Bosnia-Herzegovina Photo Album

Linfield v Dungannon Swifts

Kyle Falconer live at The Palm House

Kyle Falconer live at The Palm House Photo Album

Culture Night Belfast 2018

Culture Night Belfast 2018 Photo Album

Coleraine v Linfield

North Street Art

North Street Art Work In Progress

North Street Art Photo Album

Linfield v Ballymena United


It has now become a mid September tradition for the walls of Belfast to be given a dash of paint, as Hit The North, running alongside Culture Night, sees artists from around the world visit Belfast to paint the city’s walls.

One of those countries represented was Colombia, returning the favour after artists from Belfast recently visited Colombia to take part in a Street Art Festival.

Even though the festival is advertised as taking place on Thursday and Friday, past experience has seen pieces appear earlier than that, due to the time it takes to paint it.

So it proved, as a piece started to appear in the Car Park at Smithfield, where there was a Two Ronnies mural in 2017, so I headed to get some work in progress photos.

Thursday came, so I was out getting photos on my lunch break, and then again after work.

As I had booked a half day on the Friday for Culture Night, I made the most of my early departure from work to check out the progress so far, and then again on my arrival at Culture Night at teatime.

As is tradition, I was out on my bike on the Sunday morning to get photos of the finished pieces, starting in North Street, heading to Donegall Street and the side of the Telegraph Building. Much to my frustration, there were parked cars meaning I had to shoot from some odd angles.

Worth checking out, across the road, is Buoy Park, just outside the University Of Ulster.

I also checked out pieces at Kent Street, Sunflower Pub and Winetavern Street.

I wanted to get photos of a mural in Commercial Court, but there were binbags dumped in front of it. I’ll try again later.

I also spotted some graffiti in Bank Square so took a photo. It wasn’t part of Hit The North, but it would have been rude not to get a photo.

Also not part of Hit The North but worth checking out is that some of the yellow dots designed to guide people around Belfast due to part of Royal Avenue still being closed due to the fire at Primark have been defaced to look like Pacman.

It’s good to see that some pieces from previous years are still intact, giving Belfast a wide range of art from Hit The North from throughout the years.

Wonder what will be on the city’s walls in 2019?

Work In Progress Photo Album

North Street Art Photo Album

North Street Art 2017

North Street Art 2016

North Street Art 2015

North Street Art 2014

North Street Art 2013

North Street Art 2012


September 2017 began with a road trip, and a long one at that, to Edinburgh, to see Linfield take on Spartans in the Scottish Challenge Cup.

Two days later, it was another football match with an international feel, an actual international, as Northern Ireland took on Czech Republic at Windsor Park.

The following weekend was busy, taking in Ryan Adams at Ulster Hall and then Linfield’s match against Glentoran.

There was more football to follow, taking in Linfield’s matches against Crusaders and Ballinamallard.

The following weekend was football free but not photo free, as I was out capturing Culture Night, and Street Art painted as part of Hit The North.

The month ended with a trip to Solitude to see Linfield take on Cliftonville. The less said about which, the better.

Spartans v Linfield

Northern Ireland v Czech Republic

Northern Ireland v Czech Republic Photo Album

Ryan Adams live at Ulster Hall

Ryan Adams live at Ulster Hall

Linfield v Glentoran

Crusaders v Linfield

Linfield v Ballinamallard United

Culture Night 2017

Culture Night 2017 Photo Album

Hit The North 2017

Hit The North 2017 Photo Album

Cliftonville v Linfield