The Dum Dums are this week’s cover stars, declaring themselves as the voice of a generation. One of them has “4 Real?” painted on his body, as a tribute to Richey Edwards.

In news, Graham Coxon declares he has no problem with a Blur Greatest Hits album, while being non committal on new material by the band.

Limp Bizkit won at the MTV VMAs amidst chaos being created by Tim C from Rage Against The Machine.

Meanwhile, Stereophonics are discussing the details of their new album JEEP, due out in early 2001.

The Dum Dums get four pages of coverage, dismissing Green Day as old men.

It’s the Sexiest People In Rock Poll, with Hillary Woods from JJ72 and Kelly Jones from Stereophonics winning.

Dave Grohl didn’t get onto the Sexiest List, but he did get a three page interview.

In reviews, Melody Maker paid visits to see Limp Bizkit and Travis in concert.

In Singles Reviews, Maxim from The Prodigy gives his Single Of The Week Award to Smashing Pumpkins.

Shirley Manson is the subject of a Q and A, revealing that she was indecisive about getting on board an alien spaceship.


It’s late 2000, and Melody Maker is on tour with Eminem and Limp Bizkit.

Two Welsh rock stars were in the news this week, with James Dean Bradfield stopping an assault on old man, while Kelly Jones solo tour was given a “cautious welcome” by fans giving their opinions to Melody Maker.

Ash have announced that everyone will love their upcoming new album.

Suede were in Iceland to perform at a festival, a trip described as “farcical”.

There are four pages dedicated to Eminem and Limp Bizkit, with Melody Maker giving it to Limp Bizkit, slightly, for the best act.

Ten years after their first release, Alex and Graham from Blur look back at the band’s ten finest moments.

In reviews, Melody Maker visits Muse, The Bluetones, Coldplay and Idlewild in concert.


Anthony Kiedis is the cover star as Red Hot Chili Peppers are in Australia.

Kelly Jones talks to Melody Maker about the band’s next album, saying it will be a step forward for the band, while Embrace have confirmed their new album will be released at the end of March.

Cover stars RHCP get four pages as they headline the Big Day Out Festival in Australia.

Ian Brown gets three pages as he reflects on his time recently spent in prison.

In reviews, Melody Maker went to see Ash, Rage Against The Machine and Catatonia in concert.

Elsewhere, the soundtrack to Leonardo Di Caprio’s new movie The Beach, gets 2 and a half stars out of 5.


A Union Jack made up of pills is this week’s cover image, as Melody Maker promises “Thr truth about Britain’s rock n roll narcotics culture”

Melody Maker’s drugs survey revealed that 41% of readers have tried marijuana and 62% believe it should be legalised and 24% believe that Cliff Richard has taken drugs.

A series of stars such as Tim Burgess (E), Kelly Jones (Booze) and Charlotte Hatherley (Coke) talk about their experiences of taking drugs.

Brett Anderson of Suede is interviewed about his five obsessions, listing sex as one of them.

In concert reviews, Melody Maker paid a visit to see The Offspring in London.

Album reviews see Lightning Seeds latest effort be given four stars out of five.

Grant Nicholas of Feeder is subject of a Q and A, where he reveals he would avenge a friend’s death.


Was at Waterfront Hall last night to see Stereophonics for the third time, having previously seen them at The Odyssey (2005) and Custom House Square (2010)

I love Stereophonics. To give you an idea of how long the’ve been going for, I got into them via The Chart Show, playing songs such as Traffic, Local Boy In The Photograph and A Thousand Trees from their first album, Word Gets Around.

Word Gets Around was released in 1997, the year Waterfront Hall opened. Last night, believe it or not, was the first time I attended a concert in Waterfront Hall.

They began with hits from their first two albums, including Bartender And The Thief (I bought a Live EP from HMV Forestside on my way home from school on the day it was released), before entering into Superman, one of their finest songs, Kelly Jones strutting in the limelight and revelling in the adoration of fans.

Two songs in, it looked like being a chronological greatest hits set. It wasn’t, though I doubt anyone would have complained if it was.

After a few hits, it was time for some songs from their new album, Graffiti On The Train, starting with lead single Indian Summer getting the biggest reaction, unsurprisingly.

I haven’t had a chance to listen to their new album, but on the basis of the songs played last night, it could be a grower.

A lot of the songs are a lot slower than Indian Summer (the classic fast paced Stereophonics song) but still enjoyable.

The choice of venue seemed strange to me, as I would have considered Stereophnics to be Odyssey-able.

I have a strange ranking system for a band’s popularity/commerical appeal by using Belfast concert venues.

Since you ask, in descending order :

Auntie Annie’s – Limelight – Mandela Hall – Ulster Hall – Waterfront Hall – The Odyssey

The reason that this concert was at Waterfront Hall turned out to be simple, One Direction had already booked The Odyssey.

Kelly Jones, however, announced that they would be back to Belfast later in the year, at The Odyssey (but didn’t actually state a date)

If you get the chance to go and see them there, take it.

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THE FRIDAY FIVE – 9.12.2011

1. Kelly Jones – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
2. Rihanna – We Found Love
3. Madness – You Keep Me Hanging On
4. Kiss – God Gave Rock n Roll To You
5. Oasis – Who Feels Love?

Now for the weekly chart based on the previous week’s X-Factor theme. Last week, it was Motown, and surprisingly, they all sang Motown songs and didn’t rip the piss and/or make it up as they go along.

If Berry Gordy was still alive, he would have loved it. Oh, he is still alive. I suppose that’s what you get when you believe everything Louis Walsh says


1. Gloria Jones- Tainted Love
2. Chairmen Of The Board – Give Me Just A Little Moe Time
3. Supremes – Stop In The Name Of Love
4. Stevie Wonder – Uptight
5. Smokey Robinson – Tears Of A Clown

Meanwhile, ITV are broadcasting a 90 minute special tonight, titled ‘The Nation’s Favourite Bee Gees Song’, which is basically an admission that they have no original programming ideas, and are filling up 90 minutes with celebrities talking about the Bee Gees.

So, here is my definitive Bee Gees Top Five. There are no Disco songs. And rightly so.


1. You Win Again
2. For Whom The Bell Tolls
3. I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You
4. Massachusetts
5. This Is Where I Come In

Meanwhile, Blur are being awarded with ‘Outstanding Contribution To Music’ at the Brit Awards, only 12 years after Spice Girls.

To be honest, the day they gave the award to Spice Girls (SEVEN FUCKING YEARS BEFORE THEY GAVE IT TO OASIS!!!) totally devaulued it, but it gives me an excuse for a Blur Top Five


1. Country House
2. Tender
3. End Of A Century
4. Charmless Man
5. Beetlebum


On Friday night, I ventured to Custom House Square to see Stereophonics in concert, the only concert i’m attending of the Belsonic event, taking place on eight nights over a two-week period, attracting acts such as Kasabian, Paul Weller and Biffy Clyro to Belfast.

When the original run of dates was announced, i’d blogged about my previous experience of Belsonic in 2008, commenting on how they needed big marquee names for the event, to compliment the critically acclaimed acts, something which it’s predecessor, Tennent’s Vital, always managed to do.

Credit to the organisers, they certainly did that.

Ironically, if anything, I thought they were too ambitious, that they would have been better off compressing the acts booked into three or four nights, as opposed to the eight night run.

The reason I felt was that eight nights was too much, and that Northern Ireland might not be big enough to support eight concerts on this scale, as even the most ardent of live music fan would be reluctant to shell out on three/four/five out of the eight concerts in such a short space of time.

The number of concerts that have been sold out has proved me wrong and is a credit to those involved.

Something that was mentioned on the BBC Newsline coverage of the opening night that caught my attention was of talk of ‘Concert Torusim’, and how Belsonic was being highlighted as a selling point for Belfast for tourists to actually come to the city.

Interestingly enough, the official Belsonic website has a listings guide of hotels and restaurants when attending the event, adding to this aspect.

It’s a bit different to someone seeing a concert of an act they like in a listings guide and building a trip around it (Like I have done twice this year) and actually going somewhere and working the concerts around the trip as opposed to working the concerts around the trip.

For what it’s worth, if I was coming over as a tourist, the two nights that would appeal to me would be Kasabian (Tuesday) and Stereophonics (Friday) and use Tuesday and Wednesday to explore Belfast or go on a day trip somewhere and then head home on the Saturday.

Hopefully, from small beginnings, Belsonic can really explode and become a major summer event (albiet, on a smaller scale) that gets mainstream media coverage on the UK mainland like Glasto, T, Oxegen, V, etc.

Of the nights that appealed to me, Stereophonics was the one I wanted to go to.

Ever since I saw them performing ‘A Thousand Trees‘ and ‘Traffic‘ on Top Of The Pops in 1997, they’ve been one of my favourite bands.

I remember when my older brother purchased a copy of ‘Word Gets Around‘, impatiently waiting for him to head out, so I could sneak into his room to listen to his copy of it.

Even though i’ve only been buying their singles rather than their albums since 2001, they’ve still remained one of my favourite bands.

I’d seen them live twice before. The first time was in 2005 at The Odyssey, and the second time was last year when they were guests on ‘The Friday Show‘, and they were performing a few songs in the studio.

It probably shows how much I love Stereophonics that I was prepared to sit through the recording of such an awful show to see them. During a break after Rachel Tucker fluffed her lines, I managed to feign that I needed to go to the toilet, and then made my escape.

I was originally planning to go and see them at Cardiff City Stadium in June, but other trips took priority and it fell through, so I was doubly glad that they were appearing at Belsonic.

Joe Echo was the first support act, although I was late arriving and missed him. I’d previously seen him supporting Echo and the Bunnymen though.

The next support act was Kids In Glass Houses, best known for the song ‘Undercover Lover‘, featuring Frankie from S Club 8.

They were enjoyable. I wouldn’t turn off the radio if they came on, but I wouldn’t be rushing to turn the volume up.

Stereophonics came on and were excellent, playing a mixture of their best known hits and new songs.

The best thing was, once one song ended, a new one started.

There was no arse-licking patronising about how glad they were to be in Belfast and how Belfast is the best fans ever.

The drums was just a constant ongoing vibe of a band totally on form. They had the crowd in their hand and weren’t prepared to let go.

For their encore, they left the best for last, playing ‘Dakota‘, their only Number One single.

It’s ironic for a band whose best output came from 1997-2001, that their two best songs, ‘Dakota’ and ‘Superman‘ came after this period.

The only downside was the fact that my camera got bolloxed when a drunk spide managed to cover it in spilt beer.

Bizarrely, my last camera got broken at Belsonic.

Managed to get some OK, not spectacular photos regardless. Enjoy.

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