You may remember in early Summer 2015, I wrote a blog about Street Art in Liverpool having had a brief stop-off in the city when travelling to the Northern Ireland v Qatar match in Crewe. I signed off by saying that due to my ratio of visits to Merseyside being every 4 to 5 years (2006, 2010, 2015) that I didn’t expect myself to be in Liverpool again until 2019 or 2020. Well, it turns out I was wrong.

Invited to a friend’s wedding last weekend, I decided to make a trip of it. I was always going to head over on the Friday anyway, to avoid flying in on the day of the wedding, I took a gamble on United being at home on the Sunday (they ended up being away) so stayed for an extra day afterwards meaning I had Friday and Sunday to explore Liverpool, and by explore Liverpool, I mean get some Street Art photos.

In case you care, I actually did do some sightseeing, but actually forgot about The Jam exhibition that was on that I wanted to go to.

On my last visit, I did an official(ish) tour, so had an idea of where to go.

On the Friday, I headed to Bold Street and wandered around streets near it, stumbling into pieces.

Before heading off this time, I did a bit of research online and discovered an area known as Baltic Triangle, which was home to a lot of pieces.

Signposted from Albert Dock, and not too far from the City Centre, I set off, spotted pieces, spotted some more and got snapping.

I even managed to get lucky in the shape of finding a Skate Park in Baltic Triangle that was filled with Street Art and empty with people at the time.

Friday was spent exploring Liverpool City Centre, and I even managed to stumble on some pieces round the back of Lime Street Station, close to the O2 Academy.

Saturday was the day of the wedding. I left my camera in the hotel room as I wanted to travel light. I thought i’d be off duty in terms of Street Art spotting, but that turned out not to be the case.

As I walked to the church, I spotted a wall mural at the side of someone’s house of The Beatles.

As you can imagine, The Beatles are a big deal in Liverpool. A lot of pubs in the City Centre have plaques to commemorate any tenuous Beatles link.

There’s probably a pub in Liverpool with a plaque to say that John Lennon took a dump in the toilets in 1961.

I was curious as to this and did a bit of researching online, as there was a link on the mural, that it was part of something known as Liverpool Mural Project.

It had a web address but that seems to be inactive when you click on it.

Further searches online revealed it to commemorate Liverpool being made European Capital Of Culture in 2008. There’s even a Belfast link to the mural, as it was painted by Mark Ervine and Danny Devenny.

It’s not the only time Mark Ervine has painted a music icon from Merseyside, having painted a mural of John Peel in the Cathedral Quarter area of Belfast in 2011.

Naturally, I headed back on the Sunday, armed with my camera, to get some photos of the mural.

Cut out of my photos were pre-fame Beatles Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best.

If you’re interested and want to see it, get the Merseyrail to Seaforth and Litherland Station, turn right as you leave the station, and you’re only a few minutes away. You won’t be able to miss it.

Unlike last time, I won’t be giving an estimated return date to Liverpool. We’ll just see how things turn out.

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