Two football matches and a concert was the story of this month, but they were high profile ones – the Irish Cup Final, and Manchester United at Windsor Park, while also seeing Saint Etienne at Custom House Square.

I also managed to get some graffiti shots.


Irish Cup Final

Irish Cup Final Photo Album

Saint Etienne Live At Custom House Square

Saint Etienne Photo Album

Manchester United v Irish League XI

Manchester United v Irish League XI Photo Album

Lagan Towpath Sunset

Graffiti Round-Up


Was at Windsor Park today and witnessed a shock result. Yes ……. Linfield won a home match.

As I entered, there was a fun day event happening for younger supporters. The Citybeat DJ booth played a George Michael song. You the one, the one that goes “You gotta have faith”

I guess you do. Talking of musical mockery, I opened the Player Profile page to see this week’s subject was David Jeffrey, as it’s his 50th birthday. His favourite singer is Bruce Springsteen, known as ‘The Boss’, and song is ‘Born to Run’

I never saw David Jeffrey play for Linfield, so I can’t comment on that one.

At least he didn’t say ‘Rock DJ’ by Robbie Williams or ‘The Model’ by Kraftwerk was his favourite song.

Talking of which, i’m toying with the idea of doing a blog about the musical tastes of Linfield players. No clear leader, though Matthew Tipton (Stone Roses) and Ryan Henderson (Coldplay) are tolerable. Brian McCaul (The Wanted) is a clear leader for worst taste.

Onto the match, and it was a match Linfield deserved to win, but made it a lot more nervous than it should have been. Having seen a red card, and a missed penalty, a Portadown equaliser just seemed inevitable, so it was a welcome relief when it didn’t come.

Linfield dominated possession in the first-half and had ‘Situations’ rather than chances. The main talking point came just before half-time when Mark McAllister and Chris Ramsey were sent-off after a clash. I only saw Ramsey striking out, but after viewing footage on Final Score, it was hard to argue.

Despite that, referee Mark Courtney still had a shocker, missing a clear penalty when Peter Thompson was pushed in the penalty area. Linfield might well have missed (like Michael Carvill when we did get a penalty late in the game) but we might have scored from the resulting corner.

A corner, is where Linfield’s goal came from. Unfortunately, I missed it, as I was making my way to my seat. Though, it wasn’t the only major incident of the game, so at least I got to see two red cards and a missed penalty. Yay!

It’s great that Linfield are now able to score from set pieces (In previous seasons, the crowd didn’t even bother getting excited when Linfield had an attacking set piece), though slightly worrying as it would be nice to see a goal in open play, instead of being so reliant on set plays.

I guess you have to take a win, even if it’s more nervous than it should be. Now moved up from 8th to 7th. You never know, win next week and we might be up to the heady heights of 6th. Small steps I guess.

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