As the season was winding down, the matches were less frequent, now a fortnightly thing.

I began May with the Irish Cup Final in the Portadown end, getting drenched, having to park at The Odyssey and the barrier eating my ticket, and to compound the misery – Glentoran won the cup.

Two weeks later was my second trip of the season to Old Trafford, with Arsenal being the visitors in a game that finished 1-1.

Two weeks later, I was back in the North-West of England, to see Northern Ireland take on Qatar in Crewe. Most of the appeal of the game was the opportunity to visit another ground for the first time.

Near to a train station and with a programme shop, Crewe gets a thumbs up from me.

The next day was spent in Liverpool. I had some spare time on my hands, and headed to Goodison Park, in search of a mural of Dixie Dean i’d read about, but doesn’t appear to be there anymore.

Undeterred by this, I decided to get some photos of the exterior of the ground.

Two weeks later, one last game, Northern Ireland’s European Championship Qualifier against Romania, and an opportunity to experience the new Railway Stand at Windsor Park for he first time.

It was the only 0-0 draw I saw all season.

Glentoran v Portadown

Glentoran v Portadown Photo Album

Manchester United v Arsenal

Manchester United v Arsenal Photo Album

Northern Ireland v Qatar

Northern Ireland v Qatar Photo Album

Northern Ireland v Romania

Northern Ireland v Romania Photo album


In the North-West of England earlier this week, I took the opportunity to visit Liverpool. As with any city I visit, I like to keep an eye out for Street Art, and Liverpool was no different.

It was my third time in Liverpool, visiting at a rate of every 4 to 5 years (2006, 2010 and now 2015)

The only thing I found on those visits was this Beatles inspired piece.

On the morning I arrived in Liverpool, I embarked on the Seecret Liverpool tour which focused on the hidden parts of the city worth visiting. It wasn’t a dedicated Street Art tour, but it took in some pieces, so naturally, I headed to get some snaps.

When the tour finished, I also managed to stumble onto some pieces, as well as returning to some things I noticed when doing the tour.

When having lunch, I had a sudden brainwave, remembering hearing about a mural of Dixie Dean near Goodison Park.

With time on my hands due to a late evening flight, I headed over but couldn’t find it. While there, I managed to find a shop face with a woman with rainbow coloured hair, and got some snaps, so it wasn’t a wasted trip.

Remember to check back in 2019 or 2020 for my next scheduled (by my current rate of visits) visit to Liverpool when i’ll probably have some new pieces.

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