THE FRIDAY FIVE – 16.6.2017

1. The Killers – The Man
2. George Ezra – Don’t Matter Now
3. Adam West – Minding My Business
4. Lindsay Buckingham and Christine McVie – Red Sun
5. Nerina Pallot – Stay Lucky

It was announced that Paul Weller is coming to Belfast in February next year. It’s the day after my birthday too. Wish me luck in getting a ticket for this, even though he was a grumpy arse the last time he was in Belfast.

So, to celebrate, here’s a Paul Weller chart


1. Paul Weller – Changingman
2. The Jam – Beat Surrender
3. Paul Weller – Sunflower
4. Paul Weller – Mermaids
5. The Jam – Start

Apparently, there’s a thing called Manchester Day. It’s this Sunday. That sounds like an excuse for a Manchester themed chart.


1. Oasis – Don’t Go Away
2. Puressence – It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
3. The Courteeners – Van Der Graaff
4. New Order – True Faith
5. The Smiths – Panic


A trip to the recent past this week to February 2007, a month when Bloc Party appeared on the cover of AU, formerly known as Alternative Ulster.

On the AU stereo this month was songs by CSS, Stylofone, Idlewild, Future Of The Left, Shiny Toy Guns and cover artist Bloc Party.

The Goodies and Baddies list makes for interesting reading, with Sylvester Stallone being listed a Goodie due to the new Rocky movie not being awful. I’m guessing the magazine went to print before Stallone appeared on the pitch at Goodison Park waving an Everton scarf in January 2007.

Also on the Goodies List was Victoria Beckham (for stopping David becoming a Scientologist), Ronnie O’Sullivan and Noel Edmonds.

On the Baddies List was a Goodie, well, Jade Goody, for a variety of reasons.

Preston was also on the list. The singer from The Ordinary Boys, rather than the town, as was Ian McCullough and the band James.

“What’s On Your Ipod?” is a feature stopping people in the street and asking what’s on their Ipod. Simple enough. Among those stopped was Joe Lindsay, he of Getaways fame. His three songs are Big Julie by Jarvis Cocker, DJ’s Got A Gun by Robots In Disguise and Yesterday’s Folks by US69.

An amazing fact about him (according to the feature) is that he can do a “passable” impression of Christopher Walken.

Patrick Wolf is interviewed about his music collection. His first record bought was Saturday Night by Whigfield.

Having just released their debut album, Kieran Webster from The View is interviewed about his favourite things. His favourite TV show is Shameless (Gerard Kearns, AKA Ian Gallagher would appear in the video for The Don later in the year) and his favourite live band was Primal Scream.

In news, The Stooges were set to release a new album, their first in 33 years, while In Case Of Fire were in the studio working on a new album.

Side projects get looked at in a feature looking at the good, the bad and the weird.

Elliott Smith, who died in 2003, gets a double page spread, with a guide for those looking to purchase from his back catalogue.

David Bowie also got a double page feature, with AU doing an A to Z guide to his career.

Hotly tipped new band The Klaxons get a three page feature as they prepare to release their debut album, which is followed by six pages of cover stars Bloc Party.

In live reviews, there is a review of Chuck Berry’s recent gig at Waterfront Hall.

Upcoming gigs include Nerina Pallot at Spring and Airbreak, Badly Drawn Boy at Mandela Hall, Razorlight doing two nights at Waterfront Hall and Amy Winehouse at Ulster Hall.

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 22.1.2016

1. The Coral – Miss Fortune
2. Wyvern Lingo – Letter To Willow
3. Travis – 3 Miles High
4. The 1975 – The Sound
5. Nerina Pallot – If I Had A Girl

Well G’Day, it’s Australia Day on Tuesday and it would not to have a playlist for you from Australia’s musical talent.


1. Steffan Dennis – Don’t It Make You Feel Good
2. Kylie Minogue – I Believe In Love
3. Sheppard – Geronimo
4. Natalie Imbruglia – Want
5. Angry Anderson – Suddenly


Three concerts and a cup final this month, all of which were excellent.

The three concerts were Nerina Pallot, Echo and the Bunnymen, Marina and the Diamonds, and on each occasion, I managed to get into a good position for some decent photographs.

I also managed to get into a good position for photos at the Irish Cup Final, which Linfield won 2-1 against Portadown.

Unfortunately, the seats were in the bottom tier of The Kop stand, and Linfield scored both their goals at the Railway End of the ground.

But, if not being able to get a good goal photo is the biggest complaint of a football match, especially a cup final, then it’s not worth complaining about.

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Had a good start to the week by winning tickets to see Nerina Pallot at Auntie Annie’s.

I’ve been a fan of hers since 2001 with her criminally under-rated debut album ‘Dear Frustrated Superstar’, which spawned the excellent singles ‘Patience’ and ‘Alien

She is probably best known for her 2006 hit ‘Everybody’s Going To War‘ though.

She eventually got round to releasing a follow-up album last year. That’s 3 albums in 8 years. What she lacks in quantity, she makes up in quality.

The support came from a local singer called John D’arcy who i’d never heard of but was very impressed with his witty tales of everyday life, set only to an acoustic guitar. Got his CD afterwards and it is currently on constant repeat in the car.

This was the first time i’d been to a concert at Auntie Annie’s and I didn’t know what to expect, but I enjoyed the intimate nature of the venue, even though the lighting was a nightmare for an amateur photographer.

Nerina came on stage with no bacing band, swapping between her guitar and piano, delivering an endless medly of beautiful songs sung beautifully.

Like John Darcy before her, she entertained the audience with the stories behind the song, moaning about sharing a hotel with Rugby players, visiting a zoo, not visiting Belfast enough and Arsenal getting beat by Blackburn Rovers.

The only complaint, was that ‘Alien’ wasn’t played. I know it sounds a common theme of concerts that I complain about what songs aren’t played, but I can’t help it.

By rights, Nerina Pallot should be playing bigger venues than Auntie Annie’s, but the smaller, more intimate, venue worked so well.

Go see live, and go buy her back catalogue.

More (not so good quality) pictures