Was at Ballyskeagh today, the most cold and miserable stadium in the Irish League, to witness a Linfield performance which was just as cold and miserable. Sadly, it was a Linfield performance which has become the norm, rather than a blip.

Midway through the second-half, with Distillery 1-0 up, I overheard someone say “This is one way traffic”

If it was “one way traffic”, it was a traffic jam going at 1 mph

There was no urgency, no imagination, nobody making runs, nobody using the ball well.

If Distillery’s keeper makes a series of world class saves, you hold you hands up. All the saves he made were saving practice. Any ‘pressure’ Linfield had was possession, but not much being done with it.

I could cut and paste blogs from past matches. That’s how repetitive it is.

I’ve stuck up for (2003) and praised (2006) David Jeffrey in the past, but I am losing patience, and i’m not the only one.

Crowds are down. If it wasn’t for the fact I have a season ticket, i’d probably not bother with the game against Dungannon on December 15th.

The season is still retrievable. There’s still three trophies to play for. In ten days time, it could be just two. We will go into a home match against Crusaders as underdogs. That is the reality of the situation.

Usual phototaking arrangements at Ballyskeagh. Uninspired, dull, average at best. The photography, very much matched the football.

Photo Album


Two matches at Windsor Park and a game at Ballyskeagh, two grounds not so friendly for amateur photography.

I did try though.

Linfield v Carrick Rangers

Linfield v Donegal Celtic

Lisburn Distillery v Linfield


At Ballyskeagh today for Linfield’s Irish League game with Distillery, their 33rd of the season, and last before the split.

A routine enough 3-0 win for Linfield, always in control and never in doubt. The second-half performance was far better than the first.

As per with visits to Distillery, getting photos was a struggle, but I tried my best.

My next match will be at some point in the future, hopefully the league clash with Portadown at Windsor Park on 7th April, seeing as it looks unlikely i’ll be at The Oval for the Irish Cup Semi-Final.

Anyway, enjoy these photos.

Photo Album


A busy month full of travel began in the most glamourous of settings of a rainstorm in Lurgan, as Linfield travelled to Glenavon on the opening day of the 2011-2012 Irish League season.

It literally rained throughout the whole match, and I wasn’t in a brave enough mood to move from my seat to get photos.

I did get a nice portrait shot of Mourneview Park at the end of the game though.

The following Saturday, I was in Edinburgh. The weather wasn’t much better though.

I was over for the festival, but with Edinburgh having two SPL teams, I decided to take in a match as well.

That day, Hearts were playing Aberdeen, and I managed to get into a good shooting position.

The following Thursday, as a bonus, Hearts played Tottenham Hotspur in a UEFA Cup tie, and I managed to blag a ticket, and get some good shots.

I also managed to get a lovely shot of Princes Street Gardens on the Sunday teatime between the two games.

Managed to stumble across some excellent graffiti in the University area of the city.

There are no pictures from the festival, but a full write up can be found here

From Edinburgh, I headed to Brighton for the weekend, and loved it, a fantastic city.

Managed to get some fantastic sunset shots and some street art pictures as well.

I’d hoped to get to a match at The Amex but couldn’t get a ticket unfortunately, but I did manage to get some nice shots of the exterior of the ground.

Glenavon v Linfield

Northern Ireland v Faroe Islands

Hearts v Aberdeen

Hearts v Aberdeen Photo Album

Edinburgh Street Art

Hearts v Tottenham Hotspur

Hearts v Tottenham Hotspur Photo Album

Brighton Sunsets

Brighton Sunsets Photo Album

Brighton Street Art

The Amex

The Amex Photo Album


Was at Ballyskeagh today to see Linfield take on Lisburn Distillery to see if they could get the point that wouled secure the Gibson Cup for the 50th time in the club’s history.

It was secured, with a bit to spare, thanks to a 4-0 victory.

At the other end of the table, Newry City’s relegation was confirmed, which was sad, as it’s one of my favourite away grounds to visit.

But, as one club gets relegated, another gets promoted, and Carrick Rangers look certain to take Newry’s place, which will mean a new ground to visit and photograph next season.

Every time i’m at Ballyskeagh, the weather is always horrible, so it was a nice novelty for it to be nice and sunny today.

As previously stated, it’s a ground where it’s hard to get a good view, never mind a photo. I did try though.

My camera is being loaded for the big celebration at the weekend. Not the Windsor Wedding, but the Windsor Title Party.

Photo Album


A few weeks ago, I blogged about Slovenia fans leaving stickers out and about in Belfast when their side played a World Cup Qualifier at Windsor Park in April 2009.

When the sides met at the same venue in a European Championship Qualifier a few weeks ago, there was a Maribor sticker left in the South Stand at Windsor Park.

Unfortunately, i’m unable to get a photo for you.

I was at Ballyskeagh today for the Irish League match between Lisburn Distillery and Linfield, and noticed some stickers left by Shamrock Rovers fans from when the sides recently met in a Setanta Cup tie.

Photo Album


By attending Linfield’s match at Solitude last night, it now meant that I had visited all the grounds of the clubs in the top flight of the Irish League.

Obviously, there are people who will have ‘achieved’ this feat before me, but it’s still a nice wee milestone.

Of course, i’ll have had my camera with me to these grounds, with varying results.

Ballymena Showgrounds – Ballymena United

Not great for amateur photography for away fans. The home stand looks as though it could be handy for amateur photography.

Minus points though for no stands behind the goal, meaning all photos are going to be side on.

Managed to get some good photos when I visited in March 2009, especially one of David Jeffrey barking out instructions on the touchline.

Haven’t had a chance to attaned a match in their new stand ofr away fans, so hopefully that will make it a more pleasurable excperiance for amateur photography.

Solitude – Cliftonville

Was there for the first time yesterday, and is absolutely horrible for amateur photography as an away fan, hence why the best I could get was pre-match portrait shots.

However, for home fans, it looks like you could get some good photos.

Coleraine Showgrounds – Coleraine

A long and enjoyable away trip, especially if you win, and also a fan friendly ground for photography.

Seaview – Crusaders

Nice and local, and always full when Linfield visit, Seaview is a great ground for getting amatuer photography.

Bonus points also for freedom of movement meaning you can stand behind whichever end your team is attacking.

Suffolk Road – Donegal Celtic

Like Ballymena, minus points for no access behind the goals.

The only time i’ve been there, Linfield didn’t create anything of note, meaning I was unable to find out if it was good for action photography.

Stangmore Park – Dungannon Swifts

Very much like Seaview, easy access to the heart of the action and no segregation.

Always manage to get some decent photos when here.

Mourneview Park – Glenavon

Absolutely love travelling to Mourneview. Easy to get to, and close to the pitch, making some excellent photos.

Managed to get free tickets for the 2009 CIS Cup Final and went snap happy. A full album can be found here.

The Oval – Glentoran

Always enjoy leaving here after a Linfield victory, be it a cup semi-final or a match against Glentoran.

Not that great for photos when a full crowd, but very good when the crowd is smaller.

Windsor Park – Linfield

Not that great at domestic games, excellent for internationals, as you can get closer access to the pitch.

It is good for portrait shots, be it from the Kop or South Stands, or from the Viewing Lounge.

Ballyskeagh – Lisburn Distillery

Horrible ground, that is officially impossible to get a good photo in.

Newry Showgrounds – Newry City

The new stand in recent years has improved the photographicability of this ground, especially when your team are attacking that end.

Shamrock Park – Portadown

Always enjoyable visiting here. Usually guaranteed an excellent view and photographing opportunity.