First up, I love Ocean Colour Scene. They were one of the bands that made me want to buy a £20 guitar from Argos and dream in a band just like them.

I might not have achieved it with my bargain axe, but at least Ocean Colour Scene gave me the chance to dream.

This was only my second time seeing them, the previous being a free New Year’s Eve Concert in 2007/2008, but that felt like I was an amateur in comparison with others I overheard people they were seeing them for the 7th, 8th and 9th time.

Mandela Hall is one of my favourite venues, and Ocean Colour Scene are one of my favourite bands, attending was a no-brainer.

By rights, they should be selling out The Odyssey, but i’ll let the British record-buying public miss out.

An absolutely fantastic show, with Simon Fowler and Steve Craddock showing why they are one of Britain’s great frontman and guitarists respectively, sounding excellent throughout.

I have a suspicion that Steve might have been drunk throughout the show, either that, or he’s just naturally bonkers.

Absolutely loved the impromptu ‘Guitar-Off’ between Steve and Simon, as Simon was gently introducing an acoustic number, whilst Steve was teasing the audience with the intro to ‘Daytripper’ by The Beatles.

Simon won that battle, but Steve got his way at the second encore as they signed off with an epic cover of ‘Daytripper’

The only downside was that they didn’t play ‘Better Day’, one of my favourite OCS songs, and ‘July’.

But i’m being picky, and shouldn’t complain about what songs they didn’t play, and enjoy the songs they did play.


Photo Album

Ocean Colour Scene live at Custom House Square December 2007 Photo Album