Headed over to the Peace Wall at Lanark Way this morning to get some photos.

It’s not my favourite exhibition of Street Art in Belfast, but I usually go every six months to document it.

I was last there in early February. I know what you’re thinking, i’ve headed over a month early.

Well, you’d be correct, but I had a good reason for visiting the site prematurely.

I had planned to visit in early/mid August, but I spotted a photo on Social Media of a mural of Captain America getting a punishment shooting, and I couldn’t afford to risk waiting three to four weeks to photograph it in case it got painted over.

So here, a month early, is a collection of images from the Peace Wall in Belfast. I’ll be back again in January 2018, unless there is something spectacular between now and then that I just have to go and photograph.

Photo Album

Belfast Peace Wall Art February 2017

Belfast Peace Wall Art August 2016

Belfast Peace Wall Art 2015


It’s that time of year folks, my every six months look at the Peace Wall in Belfast on Cupar Way.

As Street Art goes, I don’t think it’s of great quality, but for some reason I feel compelled to document it’s changes every six months.

Tourists seem to like it, as there were quite a lot of people at about 10.30am on a Sunday morning.

If I was a tourist in Belfast wanting to check out Street Art, i’d go to Donegall Street and North Street instead to be honest.

So, here you go, a collection of images from Belfast Peace Wall.

See you again in August

Photo Album

Belfast Peace Wall Art August 2016

Belfast Peace Wall Art August 2015


Every six months or so, i’d head to the Peace Wall in Belfast to have a look at the Street Art and get some photos.

It wasn’t until February last year that I actually visited it for the first time. It just wasn’t something that interested me.

I remember about ten years ago, seeing a documentary on the BBC where Lenny Henry visited Belfast and went to the Peace Wall, and seeing some art, one of which was a mural of Norman Whiteside, which is sadly now gone, that it was in the back of my mind that there would be Street Art to be found there.

So, about eighteen months ago, I got curious and decided to visit. Personally, I didn’t think much of the Street Art, I didn’t think it was that good, especially when people were defacing it by scribbling their own messages over the art.

If I was advising tourists looking to explore Street Art in Belfast, i’d direct them to North Street and Royal Mail’s car park.

Despite that, I visited recently and saw some good pieces. Enjoy. Hopefully, when I visit again in February 2016, there’ll be some more Street Art to photograph.

Belfast Peace Wall Art August 2015 Photo Album

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