1993 begins with U2, voted World’s Best Act, on the cover of Q, fronted by a topless Larry Mullan.

Feel the wrath of Q, in their monthly “Who the hell do …….” column are Status Quo, never the darlings of the music press.

In news, Beverley Craven has announced that her forthcoming tour will be sponsored by Tampax, Tom Jones was appearing as himself in The Simpsons,

Sony have launches the Minidisc at a ceremony, where the musical entertainment was provided by Paul Young, after George Michael pulled out, having issued a writ against Sony to have his record contract cancelled, stating “Sony appears to view artists as little more than software”

The Shamen get a double page feature after having their first Number One in 1992, and denied that Ebeneezer Goode was a pro drugs anthem, instead, labelling it a parody.

Neil Young gets interviwed by Q, and is on the warpath …… against digital music, describing it as “It’s like sensory deprivation”

There’s a Led Zeppelin reunion of sorts, as the three surviving members and Jason Bonham accept a Merit Award at the recent Q Awards, attended by stars such as Wendy James and Jesus Jones.

Seven pages are dedicated to an interview with U2, where Bono declares that his biggest surprise of their Zoo TV Tour came ……… when people turned up to see them.

In the Album Chart, it’s a compilation battle, as Erasure’s Greatest Hits album beats Cher to the top spot.

Gig listings that month included B-52s, Jason Donovan, Beverley Craven (sponsored by Tampax), Del Amitri and Status Quo.

U2 announced stadium gigs in London, Leeds, Glasgow and Cardiff.

To finish, Shakin Stevens, now known as Shaky, is subject to a brief Q and A. He thinks Bob Dylan is a very good songwriter, can’t remember the last time he was drunk, can’t leave home without his golf balls and he would have liked to have met Elvis.


Own up, who has ever fallen asleep during Christmas TOTP and woke up thinking The Queen was Number 1 with a Spoken Word song? Just me?


So here, is a selection of Christmas songs for you.

Keep an eye out for a hilarious Band Aid performance.



We start this week’s round-up with an audience member possibly more famous than the band he’s there to see. Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, one of the few rock stars whose name rhymes with his band would have been 72 this week.

Apart from rock stars who share their name with their band, such as Jon Bon Jovi, Eddie Van Halen, and um, Paul King.

Here he is performing “The Last Time” in 1965. Keep an eye out for George Best being in the audience.

Sharing a birthday (not the same year though) with Brian Jones is Cindy Wilson of B-52s. I know everyone loves “Loveshack” but “Roam” is a far far better song.

Unfortunately, there’ll be no February 29th mentioned on this blog as this isn’t a leap year. Maybe if I do a 60 Years Of Top Of The Pops blog series in 2024, we’ll see.

70 this week, was Roger Daltrey of The Who. So many songs to choose from, “You Better You Bet”, their last Top Ten single, is my favourite.

Which 80s pop star is like dry land? Nik Kershaw, because he has no C. OK, that was a bloody awful riddle. This is a better riddle.

We all know Bon Jovi, but can anyone name any of his solo hit singles, apart from me, who is the proud owner of a copy of Destination Anywhere?

Meanwhile, former ruler of the world, Chris Martin, was 37 this week. Sometimes, I like to dressed up as Chris Martin and pretend i’m him. Yep, I do Coldplay Cosplay.

Sad anniversary time, it’s 15 years this week since the death of Dusty Springfield.

Born the day after Chris Martin was Ronan Keating. To be fair, some of his solo stuff is not dreadful.

Believed to be the main influence of Elvis Presley, Shakin Stevens, no relation to Rachel Stevens from S Club 7 or Cat Stevens was on Top Of The Pops so much in the 1980s, they invited him back for their end of the 80s special in 1989, unsurprisingly. When else would you have an end of the 80s show?

Also celebrating a birthday this week, Evan Dando from The Lemonheads, seen here performing “Mrs Robinson”

Eddy Grant, 66 this week, was once offered a role in Strictly, but declined, stating “I Don’t Wanna Dance”

One of his biggest hits was “Baby Come Back”, covered by Irish Reggae singer Pat O’Banton.

Meanwhile, both Charlie Reid and Craig Reid of The Proclaimers were 52 this week. They’re twins, obviously. The second most successful pop twins (after Bros) of 1988.

And finally ……. remember The Kooks? I liked them.