It’s almost Eurovision, and a former Eurovision winner is celebrating a birthday this week, Bjorn Ulvaeus. If you don’t know, one of the Bs in ABBA (though, there is the technicality of Anni-Frid usually being referred to as Frida)

(DISCLAIMER: Clip introduced by Jimmy Savile)

Another birthday this week, is Fish from Marillion, though he’s probably forgotten it already. If you think Fish is a funny name, his real name is Derek Dick.

Hiting the big 50 this week is Andy Bell from Erasure (not from Oasis, Ride, Hurrican #1 or Gay Dad). Rejoice in some Erasure classics.

Not quite the big 50 (but close) is a birthday this week for Simon Fowler from Ocean Colour Scene.

Duane Eddy turns 76 this week. Here he is in one of the more bizarre appearances in Top Of The Pops history.

Jon Lee from S Club 7 is celebrating a birthday this week. Hope he got something nice. He’s never had a dream come true. By the way, last week was the 11th anniversary of S Club 7 splitting up.

Also celebrating this week is Belshill’s second finest export (after Brian McClair) with a song about travelling to work on Scotrail

Hitting the big 30 this week is Patrick Stump from Radioactive Man

It’s 21 years this week since Mick Ronson died. It’s a bit obvious what video is going to be posted as tribute, isn’t it?