Busy week this week. We start with a Duran birthday …….. John Taylor.

From a band with three Taylors, to a band with two Davies. This blog post is brought to you in association with Cherry Cola. C-O-L-A Cola.

And now, a band who, like Dave Davies, had to live under the shadow of a famous brother.

If you learn one thing this week, it’s that Scritti Politti means “Political writing” in Italian.

And now, this week’s birthdays throw up a Glasgow double bill.

Mick Fleetwood blew out birthday candles this week. I don’t think he got a card from Reynolds Girls. Scary thought, Reynolds Girls are almost as old now as Fleetwood Mac/Rolling Stones were in 1989.

A song protesting about the music industry being dominiated by middle aged grey haired men, produced by the permanently middle aged and grey haired Pete Waterman.

Curt Smith from Tears For Fears turned 53 this week.

(I know Curt had left by this point, but this song is just brilliant)

Bonehead, the guitar legend from Oasis nudges closer to 50 this week. I think this was the moment when the whole Oasis thing got a bit silly. (WARNING : Gary Glitter, I don’t know why, presented this episode)

George Michael turned 51 this week. He had a party at Club Tropicana. Mainly because the drinks are free.

It’s now five years since Michael Jackson died. Here he is giving a Christmas Message in 1995.

Mick Jones turned 59 this week. The Clash were too cool for TOTP, but Big Audio Dynamite weren’t.

(No doubt you’ll have loved the link from Michael Jackson to a band known as BAD. No?)

Chris Issak, meanwhile, turned 58 this week.

And finally, Harriet Wheeler, formerly of The Saturdays, left to form The Sundays. Her new band, The Mondays, are expected to release an album this year.


Hello there and welcome to a new series appearing on this blog throughout 2014.

You may or may not know, but yesterday was the 50th anniversary since the first episode of Top Of The Pops was broadcast, so, this blog will be commemorating this throughout the year.

The original plan, was to do it year by year, but episodes being wiped made the early years near impossible, and cancellation in 2006 has made the last 7 years impossible.

So, a new format was created, a weekly round-up of performances based on pop stars who were born or died on the specific week in question.

The blog will appear on Thursday nights, because, well, Thursday night is Top Of The Pops night.

But first, a few ground rules and disclaimers.

I’ll try to use TOTP performances, and won’t use Whistle Test appearances and try to pass them off as TOTP (Yes, i’m looking at you TOTP2)

Some of them may be from foreign broadcasters (most notably Germany and Italy) who had picture sharing arrangements with the BBC for performances filmed in London.

I don’t like every song posted, mainly because it would be no fun if I only posted songs I like.

On special occasions, there may be non TOTP appearances. But only special occasions.

There won’t be many, if any Pan’s People/Legs And Co. Sorry to any 50 year olds looking to relive their childhood crushes.

There may be videos where Jimmy Savile briefly appears, but let’s be mature about it. A video where he briefly appears in it is not an endorsement of his actions.

With regards to Dave Lee Travis, if he is convicted, videos featuring him will contain disclaimers. Until then, it’s a case of innocent until proven guilty.

Some of the trivia to accompany the videos may be made up, but I expect you’re all intelligent enough to work that out.

Apologies in advance for the sound and/or picture quality of some of the clips, but I am up to the mercy of those uploading to youtube.

And yes, I am aware that performances from Christmas specials will be used outside of Christmas.

And finally, if you have a request, leave a comment below, or on Facebook or Twitter (On the left hand sidebar)

So, we start, like all great TV shows, with the opening credits. So here, is a montage of all seven that were used in the show’s history

If you’ve watched the 1970s episodes repeated, you’ll know the format for the opening credits of that era, and someone has went to the effort of creating a parody. Some of the band names had me crying with laughter.

So, onto the music, and there’s a lack of pop milestones on the first two days of January. Trust me, next week, it gets better.

So, in celebration of the New Year, here’s U2 performing New Year’s Day (It was either that, or Cliff Richard singing Auld Lang Syne) a song which actually isn’t about celebrating a new year, it’s about Poland.

I bet you’re wondering how TOTP celebrated it’s 30th birthday ……… they got The Kinks to perform You Really Got Me, that’s how.

And here, is the TOTP theme (well, if you’re the same age as me) being performed on TOTP.

Stay tuned next week, when the TOTP theme before that is performed ……… but with dancers. The best dancing in the clip, however, comes from Peter Powell.

Also, “Top Of The Pops : The Story Of 1979” is on BBC Four tomorrow night, hopefully meaning that episodes from 1979 will be repeated throughout this year.


It didn’t feel like the busiest of months, but I managed to pack in three football matches, a concert, and some Graffiti.

Two of the football matches were at Windsor Park, so there wasn’t a great quality of picture. Sandwiched inbetween, was a visit to Stangmore Park, one of my favourite grounds for phototaking, which turned out to be a productive day, even if the result (a 1-1 draw) wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Managed to get three different Street Art trips around Belfast, the best of which was a new mural at the side of Ryan’s.

Also in October, I went to see Ray Davies in concert, and I managed to get some ok photos, despite it being a seated concert.

Linfield v Ballinamallard United


Dungannon Swifts v Linfield

Ray Davies Live At Whitla Hall

Ray Davies Live At Whitla Hall Photo Album

East Belfast Street Art

Linfield v Portadown

Belfast Graffiti

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 26.10.2012

1. The Kinks – All Day And All Of The Night
2. Dappy – Good Intentions
3. Labrinth ft Emeli Sande – Beneath You’re Beautiful
4. Adele – Skyfall
5. Leona Lewis – Trouble

As per usual, it’s time for a Top Five based on the previous Saturday. Last Saturday’s theme was ‘Club Classics’ – Now, you know me, i’m a proper cheesy quaver who loves my bangin beats.

Ok, well maybe not, so I thought i’d use it as an excuse to do a Globe Top Five (I used to work there) from when I worked there.


1. Bryan Adams – Summer Of 69
2. Jamelia – Superstar
3. 50 Cent – In Da Club
4. Nelly – Hot In Herre
5. Ja Rule – Always On Time

Simple Minds are coming to Belfast in March. I haven’t done a Simple Minds Top Five yet, so this is as good as excuse as any to do so.


1. She’s A River
2. Don’t You Forget About Me
3. Promised You A Miracle
4. Cry
5. Alive And Kicking


Was at Whitla Hall last night for a concert by Ray Davies, as part of the Belfast Festival. With the gig taking place on the grounds of Queen’s University, it could be argued that it was a lesson in songwriting and musicianship.

For those who don’t know, Ray Davies was lead singer and songwriter for The Kinks, whose back catalogue made up a majority of the setlist.

It was a seated gig, which was a bit rubbish for watching and phototaking. Managed to get a few rows back and had an excellent views.

The first part of the show was acoustic, with Davies doing jokes and anecdotes before songs. In some cases, he even interrupted some songs to tell a story halfway through, before resuming the song.

There was a comic moment, when introducing a song, he recalled a meeting with Country Singer Lucinda Williams at a festival in Texas, only for someone to shout “Did you give her one?”

He performed an acoustic version of ‘Waterloo Sunset’, which was the originally planned version of the song, before a full band joined, to perform it in the way it is best known.

On the last song, ‘All Day And All Of the Night’, the shackles came off, he disposed off his guitar, and started dancing around the stage, and the audience followed suit, as what was a seated gig now had people at the stage dancing away.

Photo Album


THE FRIDAY FIVE – 19.10.2012

1. Kylie Minogue – Flower
2. Green Day – Kill The DJ
3. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Fallen Angel
4. Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle
5. Rebecca Ferguson – Backtrack

As with last year, I shall tweet a Top Five based on the previous week’s X-Factor theme. Last week’s theme was ‘Love and Heartbreak’, further proof, if it was needed, that they are making it up as they go along.

So, here’s five Long Songs and five Heartbreak Songs.


1. Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever
2. Sara Bareilles – Love Song
3. Maccabees – Love You Better
4. Jamelia – Something About You
5. Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love


1. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
2. Queen – Somebody To Love
3. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know
4. Sophie Ellis Bextor – Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer
5. The Motors – Airport

Right now, tickets for The Killers at The Odyssey have just gone on sale. Going to try and get one. Wish me luck. To celebrate, here’s a Killers Top Five


1. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
2. Spaceman
3. Mr Brightside
4. Ultra Violet
5. Read My Mind

Meanwhile, going to see Ray Davies at Whitla Hall on Saturday. Ever so excited by this. To celebrate, here’s a Kinks Top Five


1. Waterloo Sunset
2. Lola
3. Living On A Thin Line
4. Days
5. You Really Got Me