Not a lot happening in this month, the STLFTEM came right on the very last day when I went to see (for free) Adam Hills live at Mandela Hall.

The first half of the month was obviously spent watching the later rounds of the World Cup, and within days, the early rounds of the European Cup, where I ventured to Windsor Park to see Linfield take on Rosenborg.

I also managed to take in a pre-season friendly between Linfield and Dunmurry Rec, and Dunmurry’s ground was amateur photographer friendly.

Some interesting Street Art also popped up in Belfast during the month, as various stencils of popculture icons appeared in the Woodstock Road, and a mural tribute to the recently deceased Snooker legend Alex Higgins appeared outside the Royal Bar in Sandy Row.



As regular readers will know, I do enjoy the phenomenon of ‘Jalking’, where I go out with the intention of jogging, but actually end up walking. In order not to get bored, I like to change my routes and do different areas in order to keep things fresh.

Last Thursday, I decided to go along the Woodstock and Cregagh Roads as I hadn’t been down there in ages. I wasn’t expecting to see anything exciting, so it was a pleasant surprise when I glanced upon a wall with various popculture figures such as Thom Yorke, Jim Morrison and Renton from Trainspotting stenciled onto the wall.

I headed down this morning to have a wee look and got some photos, which are now available on Myspace and Twitpic.

Meanwhile, today was the Trans Belfast Festival taking place at St Anne’s Square, an event incorporating Street Art and Music. I’d previously blogged about and enjoyed the Winter Base event.

Trans is a series of various events in the city during July, which has so far successfully brought acts such as Air and DJ Shadow to Belfast for concerts.

Had a wee look around and most of it was all works in progress so I can’t wait to pop along tomorrow to see the finished art.

If you’re in Belfast tomorrow, why not pop along to see it as well?