It’s the end of 2003, and NME brings out a Big Book to celebrate, as a photo collage of stars from the year such as Beyonce, Justin Hawkins, Charlie Simpson and Chris Martin form the cover.

The forward, comes from Jack and Kelly Osbourne, with Jack stating his highlight of the year was discovering The Darkness.

The format takes on a month by month review of the year, starting, obviously with January, with Danger! High Voltage by Electric Six being named Song Of The Month.

The Libertines get a double page spread, with Carl Barat looking back at 2003 with some of his favourite photos.

Coldplay go one better and have three pages, looking back at their successful year, which saw them play venues in the UK such as Earls Court and MEN Arena.

That is then followed by a Top Ten highlights from the 2003 NME Awards, which included Steve-O exposing himself in front of The Polythonic Spree.

Turning over the page, it’s The White Stripes. Or is it? Closer inspection reveals The Cheeky Girls dressed up as The White Stripes.

In the accompanying interview, Monica revealed she bought a recent edition of NME and found the articles very interesting, and she would most like to date Hugh Grant, if given a choice of Hollywood stars.

In their review of February, NME announces Move Your Feet by Junior Senior as their Song Of The Month.

NME faves The Strokes get a double page feature as they released their second album in late October.

Also getting a double page feature are Radiohead, as NME lists their Top Ten Radiohead Gigs Of The Year.

In Da Club by 50 Cent is declared Song Of The Month for March, while in news, Top Of The Pops ban t-shirts protesting against the Iraq War.

Which leads us nicely into NME’s Top Ten Anti Iraq War Songs, which includes a reworking of Faith by George Michael and Ms Dynamite.

Avril Lavigne, who had a successful 2003 gets a three page interview, where she reveals her favourite swear word is fuck.

Also getting three pages, is The Music, listing their top ten cities visited, including Blackpool, Paris and San Francisco.

NME love their Top Tens. Next up, is Top Ten Pin Badges.

The next Top Ten goes on a sombre theme, as NME remembers the ten much missed stars who died in 2003, such as Johnny Cash, Barry White, Maurice Gibb and Robert Palmer.

It’s not all Rock, as NME does a double page interview with Girls Aloud, discussing their favourite animal based stories of 2003, such as a farmer who played Classical music to his pigs being branded a noise nuisance by the local council, and a Jack Russell who mastered Surfing.

Back to The Strokes, if you wanted, you could make your own finger puppets of The Strokes.

In news, Siobhan Donaghy, former Sugababe, played at Glastonbury wearing a The Darkness t-shirt.

There is a two page review of Glastonbury, followed by a Dress Up Justin, where you can dress up Justin Hawkins from The Darkness in various outfits.

With the ipod new onto the market, NME dedicates a page to the songs you should put on yours, assuming you had one.

Dick Valentine of Electric Six gets a full page, discussing their massive hit that year, Gay Bar.

More Top Tens now, we have Top Ten Comments From Blazin Squad’s Messageboard, and Simon Amstell details his Top Ten Interviews Of 2003, in his role as host of Popworld on Channel 4.

There was also a quiz, most notably, What Christina Are You?, as you try to find out which Christina Aguilera alter ego you have.

We also get a Top Ten CD:UK Moments, featuring a spat between Louis Walsh and Mel C, where Louis defends Girls Aloud, who he manages, proclaiming “At least Girls Aloud will have successful solo careers”

Having interviewed Princess Diana and Michael Jackson (not together though), who was next for Martin Bashir? Busted. He interviewed them for NME.

And that, was 2003. Um, what a year.


The week after Independence Day, let’s start all American with a video that’s too good not to Cher, sorry, share, about the time Cher went for a walkabout.

Apologies for the poor sound quality (and not because it’s Cher)

And now, the sound of 1999, Roisin Murphy, who turned 41 this week.

Meanwhile, Ringo Starr, narrator of Thomas The Tank Engine, turned 74 his week. Not many people know he had a music career before that. His band was so good, Wet Wet Wet covered one of their songs.

Remember the theme to Ally McBeal? It was rather good.

Marc Almond turned 57 this week. It’s easy to forget he had a brilliant solo number 1. This is from the Christmas 1989 edition, broadcast the day Nicolae Ceaușescu was executed. It’s unknown if he had the chance to watch this before meeting his fate.

Jim Kerr from Simple Minds is still alive and kicking, turned 55 this week.

(Apologies for the sound quality on some of this video)

By 1995, TV Centre in Shepherd’s Bush wasn’t glamourous enough for Simple Minds any more.

Now, people think of Sky Sports when you think of Simple Minds being used in advertising. As a bonus, here’s from when Simple Minds had a brief period as computer salesmen.

And, as a further bonus, here’s Jim Kerr’s ex wife (Behave you lot, no jokes about the number of pop star husbands she’s had)

Meanwhile, Courtney Love hit the big 50 this week.

Jack White turned 39 this week.

And finally, Neil Tennent hits the big 60 this week. You may not know it, but he’s already appeared on this week’s round-up ……… having produced I’m Not Scared by Eighth Wonder.

However, it would be rude not to post videos of his day job.

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 29.6.2012

1. Little Boots – Headphones
2. Coldplay ft Rihanna – Princess Of China
3. Paloma Faith – Picking Up the Pieces
4. Amy MacDonald – Slow It Down
5. White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

This Sunday is Canada Day. I love Canada (don’t know why) and would love top visit there someday. Until I do, i’ll have to do with Canada’s musical exports.

So, i’ve put on my tin hat (Justin Bieber doesn’t feature) and come up with this


1. Arcade Fire – Wake Up
2. Men Without Hats – Safety Dance
3. Tegan and Sara – The Con
4. Nelly Furtado – All Good Things
5. Barenaked Ladies – One Week

Not to be outdone, it’s Independence Day on Wednesday, so, if the Canadians are getting a chart, it would be rude not to give the Americans a chart. I’ll even give them too (Still like Canada better though, it’s just that I don’t know many songs about Canada)


1. Starship – We Built This City
2. Christina Aguilera – Keeps Getting Better
3. Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire
4. New Kids On The Block – Tonight
5. The Cars – My Best Friend’s Girl


1. Kim Wilde – Kids In America
2. Idlewild – American English
3. Razorlight – America
4. The Stranglers – Big In America
5. Estelle ft Kanye West – American Boy

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 22.6.2012

1. Little Boots – Headphones
2. Hot Chip – Night And Day
3. Horrible Histories – Flame
4. Miles Kane – First Of A Kind
5. White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

This week sees Ash do a series of concerts to celebrate their 20th anniversary. So, I shall commemorate this with a Top Five.

I’ve seen Ash play twice, and never paid for the honour. The first time, was my first ever concert at City Hall on New Year’s Eve 1998, and then at a HMV instore in 2004.


1. Envy
2. A Life Less Ordinary
3. Oh Yeah
4. Goldfinger
5. True Love (1980)

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 15.6.2012

1. Little Boots – Headphones
2. Ladyhawke – Sunday Drive
3. Coldplay ft Rihanna – Princess Of China
4. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
5. White Stripes – Seven Nation Army

This Tuesday, it’s Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday. Fab. Groovy. Rad. Know what I mean Maaaaan.

Anyway, the 3rd best Beatles Simpsons guest star and 2nd greatest living Beatle (Thomas The Tank Engine and his Simpsons cameo swing it in Ringo’s favour) deserves a Top five.

Look out next week for an Ash Top Five as they celebrate their 20th anniversary next week. But, until then, here’s a Paul McCartney Top Five


1. Song We Were Singing
2. Live And Let Die
3. Maybe I’m Amazed
4. Beautiful Tonight
5. Frog Chorus