It had been a while, but while using up Annual Leave, I decided to head to Dublin for a day, and it would have been rude not to get some Street Art photos.

Due to the current situation, I was a bit apprehensive about visiting Dublin. It’s not somewhere where space is readily available, and people standing about stopping you getting anywhere is a regular occurrence.

In fact, when I visited Wicklow in August, the only time I set foot in Dublin was to get off the Enterprise and walk across Connolly Station to get the DART to Bray.

Eventually, I decided to go. My dad had been and said it wasn’t too bad, so I took his work for it.

My previous visits had been towards the end of the week in the Summer, so it wouldn’t be that crowded on a Monday at the start of November.

I usually go to Dublin once a year (not in 2020, obviously) so I know my way about, where to go and spot some Street Art.

As I exited Connolly Station and headed towards O’Connell Street, I knew if I took a right before Supervalu, there would be some pieces.

I was not disappointed, and there was a bonus from afar at the far end of that street.

Naturally, I headed to Temple Bar, spotting a pub done up in the style which even had a mural of him.

Another spot I headed to that is usually reliable is Smithfield, and I was not disappointed.

Dublin Canvas has been going for a few years, painting electricity boxes on streets, so I got a few snaps of ones that I passed that I had never seen before.


Photo Album

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Dublin Street Art August 2013

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