It’s June now, and summer is almost here, so what does the birth and deaths register of pop have in store for us.

Tim Burgess is 47 this week.

Tom Robinson edges another year closer to a Bus Pass, where he can travel along the 2-4-6-8 Motorway

Meanwhile, there’s two Stones birthdays this week. Bet Mick buys 2 for 1 presents for Ronnie and Charlie too.

(PEDANTS BEWARE : Yes, I know Ronnie Wood isn’t in this video, but there appears to be no Stones appearances on TOTP with Ronnie Wood on Youtube)

(DISCLAIMER : First video introduced by Jimmy Savile)

Tony Hadley turned 54 this week, but let’s throw this curveball into the mix. Pop fact, Tony Hadley made a 3 second cameo appearance in the video for this song.

I went to Tim Rice-Oxley from Keane’s birthday party this week. Where was it? Somewhere only we know.

Bit of 90s nostalgia now …

Meanwhile, Kelly Jones turned the big 40 this week.

This week’s sad anniversary ……. three years since Andrew Gold from Wax died.

Back to birthdays, and I doubt Tony McCarroll, formerly of Oasis will be getting any cards from Liam and Noel. He got sacked soon after this performance.

And finally, to end this week, a shot of JD ……. Jason Donovan that is.

And, it would be rude not to.