I know what you’re thinking, I cycled to Lisburn and took some photos outside R Space.

Well, I did cycle to Lisburn on Easter Monday, but I didn’t get any photos as there’s nothing new there, the mural of Top Cat is still there.

No, this Street Art event was indoors, at Island Arts Centre, as part of an live art painting event called The Outsiders, involving JMK, DMC, Verz, Friz, KVLR and Emic, whose artwork has previously appeared on this blog.

Those attended could take advantage of wine that was provided, or if they wanted to go upmarket there were various flavours of Tayto provided.

This event was listed as starting at 7pm and finishing at 9pm. I didn’t want to appear too eager, so I turned up around 7.15pm.

I have a suspicion that some of the work might have started earlier, as they were well progressed when I arrived. Either that, or they are very quick workers.

If the event happens again, I might head straight from work to be there earlier.

I stayed and observed pieces being painted, staying until just before 9pm and getting photos of the final pieces.

Those final pieces will be staying in Island Arts Centre as part of an exhibition, which also includes other framed work by the artists featured, which can be purchased if you wish.

You may remember last month that I covered some new Street Art in East Belfast.

If you’re interested, there’s a write-up about it in a free newspaper called Shankill and East Belfast Extra. It’s usually found at Tesco, but there’s a stall in Connswater where you can just lift one.

They’ve also got the story on their website, so to save you the effort of searching for a copy, here’s the online version of the story – here.

A very nice warm-up for Hit The North, which will be taking place earlier this year, over the May Bank Holiday Weekend rather than September.

Naturally, i’ll be out with my camera documenting it.

Photo Album


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