The moral of this story is, if you do something badly, go back and do it better. I think.

With a lot of Annual Leave to use up, I decided to take an extra long weekend at the end of June.

I’d been reading up on this walk and planning to go for a while, so on the Friday, I headed to Whitehead to check out Blackhead Path.

It was very easy to get to from the train station, follow the signposts from the platform, head right and you’re on the way.

The first thing I saw was the row of multicoloured houses, a spectacular sight.

However, I would be heading in the opposite direction, up Blackhead Path.

I went the full length of it, up the steps towards the Lighthouse, continuing up the street out of curiosity. All there was, was fields, and sheep bleating at me.

Despite the weather and not getting any decent photos, it was an enjoyable day out.

I had made plans to return later, but not for a while.

If you don’t know, Whitehead is ten minutes away from Carrick by train. I’d love it if Linfield were away to Carrick Rangers early in the season when the weather is nice. I could do this in the morning, have a bit of lunch, then get a train to Carrick for the match.

My plans were to change when I got a phone call from my dad the following Tuesday morning while I was exploring Colin Glen Forest Park asking me if I wanted to head to Whitehead for the afternoon.

I might as well take advantage of the nice weather.

Oh well, Colin Glen can wait for a later date.

Arriving on late Tuesday morning, I was straight to work, snap snap snap, getting as many photos as I could, and experimenting with angles.

I didn’t go the full length of the path, but I covered most of it

I’ll definitely be back to do it again, especially when there are deviations and side paths to explore.

Now, to ask the Irish League Fixtures Fairy nicely.

Photo Album (Friday)

Photo Album (Tuesday)

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